Who’s a pretty perenti then? Lake Hart, Stuart Highway Road to Wilpena Between Pekina and Booleroo Centre Cooper Creek Ferry
Perenti Lake Hart, SA On the road to Wilpena Cooper Creek Ferry 2011

A Random Six Pack

Wirrealpa woolshed yards

Slide! Bubblewrap! Slide!

Rusty and Dusty out for a walk, scrunch scrunch. Mediterranean snails are a bit thick around here.

On the road to Wilpena

Road to Wilpena

On the road to Wilpena, Elder Range in the background on the left, Wilpena Pound on the right.

500 km to the next intersection

Rusty and Dusty in the Outback


Who’s a pretty perenti then?

Stormy sunset skies over Orroroo

Stormy Skies, Orroroo

Looking out over Orroroo from Tank Hill one stormy afternoon in March.