Wirrealpa woolshed yards Freaky Man! Sunset at Gleeson’s Landing Wilpena Pound from Worumba The baby ghost gum’s playground
Sunset at Gleeson's Landing Taken from Worumba Station, Wilpena Pound is in the distance with the Chace Range in between.

A Random Six Pack

Jamestown Oval

Jamestown Footy 6/9/14

Orroroo and BMW juniors playing on Saturday morning at Jamestown.

Arkaroola Creek Echo Camp track

Echo Camp Backtrack

This track can get rough when it rains.

Dance like no-one’s watching

The same applies to drawing.

Merry Christmas!

Pekina Creek Reservoir after 4 inches in Jan 2015

Pekina Creek Reservoir after January rain

About 4 inches of rain produced this from dead dry empty. Not quite full, 5 foot more before the spillway overflows.

Cleanin’ the sign