Pekina Creek Reservoir after January rain More wide open spaces Road to Wilpena Who’s a pretty perenti then? Jamestown Footy 6/9/14
Pekina Creek Reservoir after 4 inches in Jan 2015 Birdsville Track On the road to Wilpena Perenti Jamestown Oval

A Random Six Pack

Roadside Boabs

Talk to the Hand

Inspired by gobbledegook!

More shadow exercises

On the road to Wilpena

Road to Wilpena

On the road to Wilpena, Elder Range in the background on the left, Wilpena Pound on the right.

Haw haw haw!

Arkaba Creek

Arkaba Creek, Flinders Ranges

Typical of the “Gum Creeks” that about in and around the Flinders Ranges and Outback. This shot is in the vicinity of Arkaba Hills’ not far off the Hawker – Wilpena road. Wilpena Pound is in the distance.